Hacks For Dead Frontier

Careful! Hacks like these will get you banned 😕

No More Waiting – Here’s the Scoop with what’s included in our Dead Frontier Hack Pack

Below I give you a blueprint of what you can expect for the upcoming dead frontier hack pack.

Unlimited Energy works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Looks to be the most unnoticeable hack.

Instantaneous Open works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer. A thread popped up recently over at the DF discussions about people seeing others constantly going into AFK mode, so try to be cautious about using it often in Multiplayer around other members, lest you draw suspicion and reports to yourself.

Super Sprint works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer, but try not to do it around other players, as it is incredibly obvious when you sprint as fast as an FBT. Superboy also causes other sprinting members to appear “jittery” in their movements, but that doesn’t matter.

Superboy in Standalone client only. This trick makes zeds impossible to attack you (respawn every second in motion) but pushes you.

No zombies in the Standalone client. Zombies will be despawned on your screen. Version for standalone

GM Loot in browser only. It means, what you will have many loot spots like GM users. This cheat is very old but it works when you follow the next steps :

1. After turning the reader on, you should go through 2 blocks of df map (like 1 up, 1 right from Secronom Bunker).
2. Don’t pick up any money.
3. Loot only on street(not in buildings)
4. If you restart client or refresh browser page with game and enabled cheat again, u should take step [1] (go 2 blocks)
I test this cheat about 1 week with my main acc.If I did not break this steps, I did not catch the ban.

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